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Brian Bateman is considered an historical artist. He just loves history. He did not call on the genre, it called on him.

It has been this calling since he was a small child in Dayton Ohio growing up in the 1970s. His artistic interests involves the old west, aviation and the military, all of which Brian has a passion for within our nation’s history. Keeping our past in the present is how he likes to think about what he does, ensuring that not only his generation remembers, but also the young and upcoming generations that should know where we came from as a nation.

In dealing with historical facts and content within the initial stages of any historical piece one needs to gather as much information as possible: clothing worn, time of day, weather, location, etc. Once all the information has been gathered, Brian sifts through this information and now begins to carefully omit areas/items that may not need to be present in the painting-in other words, less is more, keeping the viewer intrigued by the work and grasping the action or event he is trying to convey while retaining historical accuracy. Emotion also has to play a big role within the work, something that grabs and tugs at the viewer.

“Whatever the event or action, there is always a fine line between too much and not enough information. This what I try to do within my work whatever the chosen subject - be it an aviation piece, a western art piece or whatever the subject matter may be within an historical event it should be as correct as possible, but also adding in emotion to pull in the viewer.”

Brian works at his art full time at his art and he also has a solid background in graphic arts and design. He currently lives in Fallbrook, CA with his ever supporting wife Louise and dog Stanley.

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