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“Bringing the emotion of nature to life - perpetual pursuit of color and light - intuitive raw honesty and new beginnings: these all come into play as I begin each day. Blank canvas and fresh oil, I know no better way to feel alive.”
- Diane Whitehead
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Diane Whitehead Diane paints what she loves best: nature, animals and the culture of the American West. Her flowers and landscapes reflect the moods of the mountains she calls home. Her animals look you in the eye with a majesty and gentleness that create an instant bond. She has an uncanny way of drawing out the emotions and character of people on her canvas. At once elegant and whimsical, Diane’s creative energy touches our soul … and our sense of humor.
Diane is an avid outdoorswoman and self-taught artist. She is highly praised for her strong brushstrokes and bold use of color—both of which make her work come alive. Her influential style has been described as an “innovative blend of Fauvism and Post-Impressionism, coupled with a unique flavor of First Generation Abstract Expressionism. Personally, she would describe her style as Modern Impressionism with a unique palette combination.

Born in Spokane, Washington; Diane fell in love with painting as a young child when an uncle gave her his set of oil paints. In a family with eight children, she found painting to be her most treasured “quiet time.” Originally determined to be a veterinarian, Diane feels she has combined her love of animals and oil paint into a perfect marriage of creative energies.
Diane is a Professional artist working from studios located in Ovando, Montana. She has participated in workshops with Reid Galey, Carolyn Anderson and Jove Wang and continues to pursue new techniques for her creative expression. Diane is a juried, award-winning artist with collectors around the world and is represented in Galleries in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

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