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Gary Huber paints the great outdoors he's loved since childhood. Whether in his Wyoming studio or at one of his favorite plein air spots he brings to his work a deep love of the land and a passion for its beauty and the people who live upon it.

Raised in Pennsylvania Dutch farm country he was exposed to the landscape painting traditions of the Wyeths and Pennsylvania Impressionists. Gary's mother was a professional artist who took him with her on plein air outings down the backroads and into the fields around their home. These trips and family vacations to exotic places like Maine bred in the young artist an appreciation for mountains and oceans (as well as a taste for seafood).

Today, using powerful compositions and deep atmospheric perspective, Gary draws viewers into his work where he hopes they will connect with the places he loves and let their imaginations roam. He has won top awards in major international exhibitions and his work is found in collections across the United States. Come to room 177 where his work will transport you to a peaceful place. Relax there and savor the great outdoors!

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