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Kelly Dangerfield was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1980 and grew up in the surrounding area. His family spent the weekends fishing, hunting, and camping throughout Utah and those trips helped instill a love for the outdoors that would eventually inspire his career choice. He was constantly drawing from an early age and was heavily involved in the arts throughout his school years. After high school Kelly stepped away from his art to earn a business degree from Utah State University, majoring in Economics and Finance, and proceeded to pursue a career in the investment industry. After several years working for a prominent financial planning firm in Salt Lake City, Kelly grew restless and in 2007 he made the decision to pursue his art full-time.

Kelly is currently focused on portraying the wildlife of North America within their natural habitat. All of his work is derived from real experiences and scenes he has witnessed first-hand. He hopes his work can help bring attention to the beauty that surrounds us in nature and the importance of conserving our native wildlife and ecosystems. Working in oils, he strives for a lifelike feel in his paintings, concentrating on accurate drawing and the natural affects of light on the form and in the landscape. As his painting style has evolved, he is pushing himself to create a more painterly representation of his subject, using a variety of textures and colors to create interest in the paint application itself.

After spending nearly 10 years in Bozeman, Montana, Kelly and his family relocated to Pocatello, Idaho in 2015. When he’s not in his studio, he spends as much time as possible seeking out inspiration, which he usually finds when exploring the backcountry, wading in a trout stream, or studying and photographing the wildlife he chooses to paint.

Price Range: $500 - $7,000

See more of Kelly's work at www.kellydangerfield.com.

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