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Show Press

Official 2018 Quick Finish Press Release

2018 Quick Finish Press Release – Page 1

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Show Press 2016

The Out West Art Show & Sale is pleased to announce the award winners for the 2016 Show that took place March 16-19 during Western Art Week in Great Falls.  The People’s Choice Award, a half page ad and editorial is sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine.

Meagan Abra Blessing is the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Friday’s Quick Finish Event. Meagan is a fine art oil painter and horsewoman.  Her years of hands on experience with horses have resulted in paintings that are reflective of individual equine personalities, and her playful utilization of color and light brings a contemporary twist to classic and often quintessentially Western imagery.

Ben Pease is the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Saturday’s Quick Finish Event. Ben, a Crow/Northern Cheyenne artist, has created his own style of art, which he refers to as “traditionally contemporary”. His mixed media paintings include renditions of historical figures and dignitaries in the Native American community depicted with a modern aesthetic.

The Most Distinguished Body of Work Award, a half page ad and editorial sponsored by Signature Montana Magazine (Winston Publishing), is awarded to Chip Jones.  Chip is a fifth generation Montanan and bronze artist who created a new technique of throwing bronze into open faced molds nearly a decade ago. Using up to 15 iron ladles during a single pour, he creates heavily textured relief work that is both contemporary and recognizable.

Award Winners for the Young Masters Program, sponsored by Embark Federal Credit Union are:
First Place $400: Jared Parkinson, Power High School, ‘High King’, Graphite.
Second Place $300: Sonora Winters, Great Falls High School, ‘Still Life’ Paper & China Marker
Third Place $200: Julie Gremeaux, C.M. Russell High School, ‘A Fish Swimming in a School of Words’ Cut Paper on Canvas
Fourth Place Tie, $100: MacKenzie Nice, C.M. Russell High School ‘Howling Snow’ Pencil, and Christian Jones, Great Falls High School, ‘Colors of Nature’ Ink and Marker on Paper


The Out West Art Show and Tom Gilleon (not pictured) proudly presents a check for the total proceeds of Tom Gilleon’s Quick Finish piece to the C M Russell Museum.

Western Art Collector March 2015 Western Tradition.

Great Falls, MT allows lovers of both the western world and art to converge each March during its famed Western Art Week A highlight of Western Art Week is the Out West Art Show and Sale at the Best Western Heritage Inn…..

“There is no better way to celebrate the great western artist Charlie Russell’s birthday than with the Out West Art Show & Sale” ……says Jerry Crandall.

…..” Out West Artists participate in educational programs and investing in the future of art through the Young Masters mentoring program involving area high school students.”

Fine Art Connoisseur March, 19 2015

The Out West Art Show & Sale, hosted by the Best Western Heritage Plus Inn in Great Falls, opened March 18 and continues through March 21. This year’s event features works by 99 respected two-dimensional artists, including D. Eleinne Basa, Troy Collins, Joe Kronenberg, Shanna Kunz, Michael Patterson, Gary Lynn Roberts, Greg Scheibel, and Laurie Stevens. Also exhibiting at the event will be another 25 three-dimensional artists, including Mari Bolen, Fred Boyer, Ron Carlson, and Eric Thorsen, and 11 respected galleries, among them Altamira Fine Art, Illume Gallery of Fine Art, and Legacy Gallery. The show’s festivities include live music, artist demonstrations, and quick finish competitions, with live auctions where the quick finish artwork will be available for purchase.

Fine Art Connoisseur April 2015, New Records for the Old West

“The liveliest place to visit in Great Falls was the Out West Art Show & Sale — with over 250 artists exhibiting in nearly 200 showrooms at the Heritage Inn. The Out West event has over 40 years of history to recommend it, and this year’s show proved that it continues to move forward. A number of high-quality Western art galleries from the Western states were there exhibiting. Each day a dozen artists painted for a few hours, and, finally, a quick draw auction was held in the center courtyard.”

The Western Art Dealer April 17, 2015

” ….. the Out West Show seems to be making a nice revival at the Best Western Heritage Inn. The quality of galleries and artist who exhibit are as good as they get in the Western art world, and if you can find the time, it’s worth checking out. All the festivities in Great Falls during Western Art Week is worth checking out. All the festivities in Great Falls during Western Art Week is what makes it worth traveling to Great Falls, MT in March. … I hope to see you there!”